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We review patient medical records and provide you with expert opinions in the field.

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Important Reminder

Medical Review

Do you want an objective review of your medical condition and alternative treatment plans? Perhaps you are having a procedure and need a second opinion. Or you want better understanding of your medical health and records. We offer medical reviews by American Board Certified physicians with multiple specialties.


  • Initial consult for treatment options
  • Second opinion to make an informed decision
  • Personalized treatment plan

How does it work? 

The patient provides us with medical records, we review them in five days and provide you with an official letter. We also offer an expedite option of  two days.

  • Offered for national and international patient
  • Patient transfer to our facilities optional
  • Live internet based interviews available

Please complete online consultation form. If more information is needed, our Expert will notify you!

Note: We provide medical opinions based on online form submissions.
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